Fintech School Partners with Paytech Academy to Alleviate the Global Talent Shortage in the Payments Industry

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January 6, 2019

SAN FRANCISCO, California and DUBLIN, Ireland – June 19, 2019 – FinTech School and PayTech Academy today announced an integration between the two knowledge providers, leading to the availability of deeper payments technology content to FinTech School’s students and of broader financial technology content to PayTech Academy’s students.

The integration between FinTech School’s financial technology courses in areas such as A.I. in Fintech, InsurTech, Alternative Lending, Crowdfunding or Robo-Advisors, and PayTech Academy’s practical courses on card payments and transaction processing allows financial institutions, payments companies, and technology providers to better absorb the growth that the industry is still experiencing while preparing for the cross-silo collaboration that will build the cornerstone of their future successes.

The payments industry remains dynamic and continues to break new ground, with more and more emerging countries contributing to its global revenue pool. However, the war for talent, exacerbated by the rapid expansion of connected technology in nearly every industry, is negatively impacting payments companies of all sizes and in all regions in their ability to retain or hire the people with the right knowledge to ensure that operations go undisrupted and that a bottom-up innovation culture can be fostered.

Having instant access to a wealth of knowledge brings a key strategic advantage to those organizations in enabling them to quickly regenerate their pool of talent. The partnership between FinTech School and PayTech Academy is designed to help incumbents and entrants fast track their hiring process to serve their immediate needs while broadening their employees’ vision to help them identify innovation opportunities across boundaries.

“It is my pleasure to announce that our payments technology courses can be accessed from the FinTech School. We currently make a positive impact, especially in regions where this kind of knowledge is difficult or too expensive to access, and we are confident that the FinTech School’s wider network and distinctive approach to knowledge sharing will turn our combined value proposition into a catalyst for innovation in the global payments industry”, said Herve Zenner, managing director at PayTech Academy.

We are excited about this partnership as it provides us with access to a wider regional distribution and deepens our curriculum with much-needed payments courses”, said Amilcar Chavarria, FinTech School CEO.

Complementing the course topics, Financial Technology courses are available for access at PayTech Academy and payments Technology courses are available at FinTech School, after the integration.

About FinTech School

FinTech School is a San Francisco-based company that was started by serial entrepreneurs and ex-wall street professionals. Their mission is to improve financial literacy, spur economic growth, and bank the unbanked by providing FinTech and Blockchain training and content to Financial institutions, governments, universities, and individuals. FinTech School has trained over 40 banks, 12 universities and 2,000+ students from over 75 countries.

FinTech School’s mission is to democratize access to financial services through technology and education. They are building and up-skilling the talent pool to bridge the gap among these actors:
1) Financial Institutions who want to incorporate Tech into their business model
2) Technology professionals who support the industry for Finance 2.0 but lack business context
3) Fintech entrepreneurs who need help turning ideas into viable products
4) Governments and regulators seeking proper governance and oversight continue to be ensured

About PayTech Academy

PayTech Academy was created from the belief that everyone in the payments industry should be allowed to reach an expert level in the areas that they are interested in. PayTech Academy understands that access to experts is difficult, even when you work in the same company because those skills are rare and make those people extremely busy.

They strive to provide a solution for two major issues in the payments industry: recruiting experienced staff in a market where the barrier to entry is high and therefore has a shortage of those people and upskilling people who’ve moved internally within an organization.

PayTech Academy’s aim is to provide the world with hands-on courses that take their students from where they are to a level of deep technical understanding in very specific areas.

FinTech School Students can find PayTech courses at

FinTech School
415 Jackson Street, Ste B, San Francisco, CA 94111, USA

PayTech Academy
14 Victoria Villas, Marino, Dublin 3, Ireland

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