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What is FinTech?

Financial Technology (FinTech) is one of the fastest growing sectors of technology powered innovation. Having seen more than $50Bn global investment since 2010, FinTech is impacting and redefining several financial sectors. Start-ups as well as established companies are engaging in FinTech innovations as the future Financial Services industry.

Why FinTech School?

The FinTech School was founded by FinTech entrepreneurs and subject matter experts who have been there and done that! We are dedicated to bringing practical training to individuals and institutions.

“The FinTech School continues to be a great partner delivering on-site training programs and fintech innovation tours to the largest financial institutions in China. We look forward to launching our joint offering to service our 800,000 alumni with online fintech training”
-- Moody's Analytics

“The FinTech Portfolio team worked with Moody’s to create a comprehensive market analysis on a tight deadline, and delivered an actionable proposal that exceeded our expectations. They have an in-depth understanding of the current trends in FinTech, and were able to put together a tailor-made proposal that covered several market segments. Working with industry experts makes a difference.”
--Yawei Cui, Sr. Academic Director for Moody’s Analytics

“The FinTech School did an on-site fintech bootcamp that our Executive MBA students loved. We look forward to further collaboration to develop custom FinTech training courses”

“Great presentation, very educational and informative. InsurTech was really great”

“One of the best presentations I have seen at Wharton”